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Leading Solutions for Unmatched Customer Experience

VoiceFoundry is relentlessly committed to crafting smarter, more dynamic experiences throughout the entire customer journey. We combine the agility and flexibility of AWS customer experience solutions with our customer engagement services, to deliver solutions that meet the needs of any organization. Our globally-recognized partnership with Amazon Connect uniquely positions us to quickly and easily resolve even the most complex challenges within the contact center, at scale.


Create frictionless customer experiences, regardless of modality, by leveraging what you know about your customers, why they contact you, and how to meet their needs.

Conversational Bot Design

We’re experts in humanizing automation. Create conversational customer interactions using AI and chatbot technology.


Our Automated Chatbot implementation results in an Amazon Lex-based, fully customizable bot that automates, streamlines, and improves the chat experience through user-driven push-button navigation and immediate responses, allowing you to tailor your conversation to any situation.

SMS Multiplatform Text 27 150x15

SMS / Multiplatform Text

Let your customers communicate with you on the platform of their choice by creating a chat experience that spans providers and decreases stress on your agents.

Lex V2 150x150

Lex V2

If you’re still running workloads on the Lex v1 NLU, it’s time to upgrade to maximize their benefits using Lex v2 with self-contained bots, mutli-value slots, and an improved developer console.

Flow Documenter 150x150

Flow Documenter

Sync contact center instances, including Lex bots, into different accounts, regions, or instances to bolster your DR strategy.

Data Visualization

Make the most of your data with advanced reporting and analytics tools built with VoiceFoundry experience, expertise, and best practices. If you require more than the native Amazon Connect reporting, we can custom build a solution for you or help with an ISV partner solution for turnkey execution.

Wallboards 150x150


Need real time stats for your team to see together? We can help you with data visualization and KPI tracking.

Data 150x150


Collect and normalize disparate data sources, both real-time and historical, to provide new insights into your customer interactions to inform future experiences and identif business trends.

Click Tracking 150x150


Want your agents to know what your customers are looking at when they’re logged in? Linking customer experience data with click tracking gives you that capability.

Waypoints 150x150


Visualize paths taken by the calls in your IVR with ability to pan, zoom, and download flow charts.

Data Analytics Package

Gain insights into the performance of your contact center, including metrics on overall contact center performance, agent performance, agent status, Contact ID search, post-call surveys, and more, allowing you to focus on data points and metrics relevant to your business.

Kibana Reporting 150x150

Kibana Reporting

Visualize your data in Opensearch / Elastic Search with easy-to-use dashboards.

Salesforce Reporting 150x150

Salesforce Reporting

Visualize your data with dashboards in Salesforce, built by our certified Salesforce team using VoiceFoundry IP, Amazon Lex, and the Salesforce CTI adapter.

Organizational and Operational Design Consulting

Let us help you design your organization and operations to perform in a continuous improvement cycle.

Disaster Recovery 150x150

Disaster Recovery / High Availability

From multi-region strategies to solutions that harden your environment within a single region, we have a pattern to add additional protection to your Amazon Connect environment. We can even provide managed services around multi-region architectures.

CX Design Audit 150x150

CX Design Audit

We have strategies and services to elevate your end-to-end customer experience. Our depth of AWS skills coupled together with the breadth of the TTEC Digital portfolio allows us to help you define the holistic customer experience.

Innovation Services

What does the future of digital experience mean to you? Our Innovation Services help you begin your digital customer experience on the right path, utilizing the right services and tools, and maximize your benefits.

Call Coach

Agent side screen recording integrated to your existing S3 storage and indexed with your Contact Trace Record (CTR) improves insight into and management of agent voice activities and improves overall quality assurance.

Scheduled Callbacks

Put the power in your customers’ hands by allowing them to preschedule their callback for a specified, chosen date and time.

CTI Integration 150x150

CTI Integration

Advanced CTI integrations for Amazon Connect and Salesforce, Pega, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, and Zendesk, offering contact center agents the ability to easily look up customer profile information and deliver a more efficient interaction.

Operations Management Portal

A simplified, dynamic interface for managing and customizing your Amazon Connect contact center operations. Reduce contact center management overhead, streamline operations, simplify agent processes and workflows, and provide a more personalized experience to every customer engagement.


Easily turn off and on custom recordings, listen to messages, and delete, forward, or even return calls all within one easy-to-use web interface.

Extended Softphone

Enhance the capabilities of Amazon Connect’s out-of-the-box Contact Control Panel (CCP) with additional features and customization, to improve and streamline the agent experience through a unified system.

Agent Desktop

Our omnichannel desktop provides agents a unified view of Amazon Connect interactions across channels, so they can fuel both exceptional performance and customer experiences.

Voice biometrics 150x150

Voice Biometrics

Give your customers a new way to authenticate with passive enrollment using their Voice as their password.

Contact Lens 150x150

Contact Lens

Analyze customer conversations using speech analytics to evaluate for sentiment and trends to help quickly troubleshoot customer issues, identify feedback, or preemptively offer agents a next best action. We can also help decrease your Contact Lens spend with conditional usage.

Tasks 150x150


Route units of work and report on them with Amazon Connect Tasks, enabling prioritization, assignment, and tracking of all contact center agent tasks.

Managed Services

No two journeys are the same, and every company needs different options to support the unique needs of their contact center. That’s why VoiceFoundry’s Managed Services methodology is built to review and analyze the unique challenges of your contact center to design and deploy a flexible, custom-fit complete managed service offering, with different service levels to meet your needs.